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JulieHello! My name is Julie. I am a real estate broker currently based in Malaysia. I’ve been a broker for almost 10 years now and my lengthy career has brought me to different real estate sectors in the country and around Asia as well. I have a long portfolio of the properties that I sold since I started in the real estate business.

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I continue to do my job and be an active participant in the real estate industry. This new online blog is an expression of my thoughts about the real estate industry as a whole. I don’t limit myself to the properties that I am selling. The topics I cover here are anything related to the real estate industry including properties, the community, policies, and many more.

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Readers will be treated to up-to-date information on the nuances which concern the industry. I will also be posting unbiased opinions on properties including the ones that I sell and those not in my listing. You will also be treated to expert advice from an experienced and knowledgeable broker which I hope can help you find the property that you want.

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